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Lowe's special or Weber?

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Post Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:05 pm
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I got my weber plat. and enjor it a lot but only use it on the weekends. I still go back to my old gas grill during the week. Anybody have thoughts about the advantages of the genesis gold b v. summit silver a v. jenn air. The jenn air looks good but there is the parts issue compared to weber. Does the four burner summit beat the genesis for zone cooking? Is the genesis better on fuel usage? Can the genesis do well with zone cooking?

Post Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:50 pm
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I have an old Mastertouch, which predates the gold and platinum a bit, as well as a large gasser. I try to use the grill that will cook the item the best regardless of fuel. Even though it's tempting to just push that button and get on with it.

I think most folks problem with charcoal =weekend and gas=weekday comes from the thinking that charcoal is slower to come to temp than gas.

Most weekday items don't require a full chimney of coals to cook. A couple of 8 or 9 oz. steaks will sear and finish quite nicely over a little more than half a chimney of lump. Boneless breasts are about the same. This amount of fuel only takes about 6-8 minutes to ignite fully and is then at cooking temp. A gasser takes at least 10 minutes to come to high, and tastes like, well..., not charcoal.

If you really want to see some heat from your kettle using a smaller amount of fuel order a set of char baskets from Weber. You can find them under the Performer parts listing, (these are welded steel rods), and under the Mastertouch listing (these are stamped steel and they still lasted me over 10 years before I replaced them with the Performer set. They are so cheap it's a laugh. :lol:
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