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Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:34 pm

I know this may be sacrilegious, but....

I have some neighbors and co-workers who are vegetarians and I'd love to have them over for dinner. During the summer I do all the cooking to give my wife a break, so that means BBQ!. Other than grilled eggplants and salads, I can't think of what to offer a vegetarian.

Any suggestions would be greatly appresiated.

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:46 pm
smokyblues well done
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I grill portabelas quite a bit and they always turn out good. My sister-in-law is one and thats what she always has on the grill. I marinate mine with Wortchestire (W-sauce) and eat them with fajitas and they are really good and almost taste like meat.
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Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:48 pm
Info@Workman Site Admin
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There are also several good tofu recipes in Steven's books. I've served them with much success. When feeding veggies, I go with the more is more theory. I usually do a fairly big variety of things, since they're so often made to eat just the side dishes. They'll be thrilled to have a choice and to be able to eat everything there.


Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:51 pm
Grand Scale BBQ Deputy
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It's very similar to eggplant but try zuchinni. Another favorite in my house is to take plum tomatos (although any tomato will work) slice them in half, coat them in italian dressing or olive oil and plut them face down on high when thebottom edge starts to soften flip them and add shredded parmesan and romano cheeses. These are always a hit.
You can also never go wrong with grilled portabello mushrooms.
Grilled pizza is great too.
Good Luck

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 4:54 pm
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parrym This board is always hopping with ideas...consider joining us!

I like smoked-baked potatoes I usually poke hole coat the outside with bacon grease (you can substitute olive oil) and a little S&P.

I also like grilled pineapple, dip in butter an coated with cinnamon and sugar.

There are lots of veggies that grill well, peppers, onions, squash, zucchini, corn on-the-cob, mushrooms.

You could make veggie kabobs.

Potatoes can be boiled and then sliced in disks or wedges, seasoned, brushed with oil and grilled.

Jalapeños stuffed with cheese (some vegetarians eat cheese) are great on the grill.

I've also done smoked-baked apples and pears on the grill (indirect method).

You need the book "How to Grill" if you don't have it. It also details asparagus, cabbage, breads as well as most of what I've mentioned above!

Oh so many, many choices! :D

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 6:39 pm
BBcue-Z well done
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One of my favorite vegetarian sandwiches is eggplant hamburger.
Get the biggest eggplant you could find. Slice them into 2-inch circles (that’s your patty). Brush them with olive oil and grill them until soft and caramelized on the out side. And then top them with a slice of fresh mozzarella or Swiss cheese and let the cheese melt. I usually have plenty of grilled onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes (all cut in circles) to go with it (based on your guests preference). To assemble the sandwich, use a nice size hamburger bun, place the eggplant on it, top with warm tomato sauce (I use spaghetti sauce), or BBQ sauce if you prefer. And then top it with the grilled veggies and the bread. If your guests like spicy food, chipotle spread goes very well with this. To make the chiptle spread, just place a can of chipotle packed in adobo sauce in a food processor and zap it. I would suggest chipotle Mayo, but if your guests are strict vegetarian, they may not want the mayo since it contains eggs.

And don’t forget to drizzle some olive oil over the veggies prior to topping it with e bread..

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 7:00 pm
Aroberts rare

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I would second Info's recommendation of Steven's tofu recipes. I've made a number of them and they come out great. Also try the squash with baked beans, brown sugar and butter from BBQ USA, and the Portobello Cheese Steaks and Portobello Burgers, both from BBQ USA. If you want something quick and simple, try Steven's Quesadillas from How to Grill. They taste great; and take only about 2 minutes to grill.

One more thing, As my wife and I are mostly vegetarian, (except during bbq season) I grill veggies all the time and would highly recommend a vegetable grate. It keeps the food from slipping through the grates. You don't get the grill marks that Steven often mentions, but in my opinion those are overrated. The important thing is to get the food from the grill to the plate without it falling apart. The vegetable grate is fantastic for this.

Good luck and pass on great recipes you come up with!

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 10:08 pm
ThrRoff well done
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I can't add much to these lists -- I believe almost any vegetable can be grilled. Don't forget things like endive, bok choy, and radichiio are great when grilled. Splash them with some evoo, salt and pepper and grill.

Post Thu Jun 03, 2004 11:01 pm
AndyC medium-rare

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How about some Grilled Tostones... If you have never had these , they are great, they taste kind of like potatoes.

See the full deal here:

My BBQ/Grilling log -

Post Mon Jun 07, 2004 2:45 pm
Parrym rare

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Thank you all so much for the responses. I will try some out and let you know. I do agree with the philosophy of more is allwyas better, at least when it comes to food.
I do have a few of Steven's books and I will pour through them a little more carefully. I ususally skip the sides and head straight for the meat.

Post Mon Jun 07, 2004 2:57 pm
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Welcome to the board! Glad you joined us. :D

Post Tue Jul 27, 2004 8:59 am
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AndyC, I tried some of your Grilled Tostones last night. I liked them. The wife and kids didn't. :( I think the flavor was a little too "green" for them even though the plantains had just started to turn yellow. I must admit that my first attempt wasn't as pretty as yours. Those puppies got dark pretty fast, afterwhich I moved them to a cooler zone. Maybe I'll be able to try this again when we have guests for dinner. After all it's not something you see every day.

Post Tue Jul 27, 2004 10:58 am
Big D well done
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For vergetarians I just grill my fav veggy side dishes.... Grilled corn is amazing - this can make an awesome main dish.. grilled esperagus, grilled potatoes, Mushroom caps stuffed with cheese.. those stuffed pepers look awesome as do Grandsclaes grilled tomatoes.. Steves cabbage in HTG is a real showstopper .. I like to stuff mine with diced fresh mushrooms, green and red peppers, onions and tomatoes and bacon (just leave this out)and fill it with BBQ sauce and top it with cheese..... I have also had Chilli filled in onions as a bowl and roasted them - there are some good recipes on the internet for meatless chili orj ust leave it out of your recipe... Also if a cold or damp day you can also fill and onion with french onion soup (large spanish onion works best for this) and roast it (onion works as bowl again)....... for dessert just fresh fruit or you can grill apples with brownsugar and butter (like in HTG) or the Big Kahuna in Beer Can Chincken I think.....

g'luck let us know how it goes

Post Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:20 pm
Vinsect well done
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I love grilling corn and carrots. Just recently tried grilling belguim endive lettuce. It came out great. I'll try Bok Choy soon.
As a rule of thum, if you serve a variety of colors in your selection of veggies, you'll automatically have a good variety of flavors and nutrients. Just make it as colorful as you can.
Also have a variety of textures. Crisp, crunchy, soft, chewy. Throw in some nuts and raw stuff too.
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