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Cleaning grill and Grates

Do you have burning questions that need to be answered? A live-fire dilemma that needs to be solved? There are no secrets between grill masters. So I give you “Ask Steven,” a new forum, where you can ask me anything about food and flame. Post your questions here, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can, though at times, because I’m traveling around Planet Barbecue (and you can ask me about these adventures too), it might take me a couple of days to reply.
Post Mon May 05, 2014 11:08 am
Trollby well done
well done

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So Steve I am buying a new grill and the grills I currently have are all "Cast" grates which I know you clean and oil when done.

My new grill is Stainless grates and I have heard that you "Do not Oil grates, you oil the food" But what about when done for the night?

I have Kept my 1991 cast grill (with Stainless warming tray) working for 23 years, but is older design.

Should I clean after each cook and oil?
Clean and don't oil?
Clean before each cook and don't worry about after cook? (I don't think I could do this)

What would you recommend for the New Weber Stainless gas grill to make sure it last 23 years + ?


I see the new grills have a drainage system not just a drip tray.
Is it ok to cover with foil to make regular cleaning easier, or is that making a spot that could shorten the tray life?

I normally clean grills twice a year, more if needed but always Spring and fall I do a total clean of inside and outside. I also wipe down and clean as needed each cook just not a tear apart clean.

Post Mon May 05, 2014 9:46 pm
Steven Grilling Guru
Grilling Guru

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Actually, you should definitely oil the grate.

Here's what you do: Bring the grill up to grilling temperature, and then clean the grate with a stiff grill brush. The heat will loosen any burnt-on scraps and sterilize the grate, while the brush removes the debris. I clean my grill grate twice: once before putting the food on and again after grilling.

After you clean the grill, oil it. Fold a paper towel and dip it in a bowl of oil. Grasp the towel with tongs and run it over the grate. The towel will also remove fine debris.

The drainage systems are usually configured as an angled drip pan that sends fat and drippings into a collection area. You should still be able to clean it easily. If you do want to put down foil, it shouldn't affect the life of the grill.

Which new grill are you buying?

Post Tue May 06, 2014 9:48 am
Trollby well done
well done

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Steven wrote:
Which new grill are you buying?

After long and hard search I came back to Weber over and over.

I really like the Summit S-470 but since many of it's features I would only use sometimes and I have similar items on my other grills. I decided on the S-330 and get the Stainless Smoker-box and grate kit (the normal Stainless smoker box sits on the grates, the upgrade makes it installed on the side like the S-470).

The S330 does not have the dedicated burner for the smoker and no rotisserie w/burner but the $800 difference does not seem worth it to upgrade from Genesis to Summit (yes Summit has 9mm grates and Genesis is 7mm).
One nice thing is the Genesis is 637sq in but the Summit is 580sq in so get a bigger grill, this makes adding the Smoker box a wash so not making grill smaller

I am hoping to get as many years out of this new grill as my Trusty 1991 Cast Sunbeam grill.

I am waiting until the "Fathers Day" grill sales to buy since I know they add stuff and drop price $20-$50 during those sales

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