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What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Post Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:42 pm
mhein68 rare

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Davie's BBQ & Smoked Meats Jamesport MO. Aug 2 2006
(Let me start this out by saying this is my first review and I am no expert by any means. I am going to review from my own taste. So take it as you will. Visit and let me know if I was wrong.)

My family spent the Labor Day weekend at the father-in-laws in northwest Missouri (Gallatin). When we are there we usually eat out at several different restaurants in the area. Our wandering took us to Jamesport Mo. a small Amish tourist town. We came upon Davie’s BBQ & Smoked meats. It’s a husband a wife operation (very, very nice folks!) They have been open since July of this year. I immediately talk the family into a visit. The few things on the menu included: Pork Rib( whole slab, lg. ends, sm. ends), Pork shoulder, Beef Rib, Half chicken, Turkey thigh, Pork rib tips, Quarter chicken, Pork Shoulder sandwich.
I had eaten at this restaurant when it was a different name and cuisine, so I wasn’t surprised with the interior. It had a kind rustic feel to it with a lot of bare wood around. I later found out that this used to be a stable at one time! They had a smaller indoor dining area and a larger outside dining near the pits. We opted to eat indoors so that the Missouri mosquitoes didn’t carry away my 3 yr old!
The father-in-law and I had the large end rib dinner with baked beans and “girl scout potatoes” (potatoes, onions, green peppers, garlic). The wife had the salad w/chicken and the daughter had pieces sliced from the turkey thigh and rice. The food was presented in a good amount of time, not much of a wait, although we were the only customers at the time. I had ordered the sauce on the side which took some time for the waitress to remember. I think the ribs were great! They had a good taste and a very smoky, but not overpowering smoke flavor. Which I found out came from apple, cherry and peach wood.
The sides were also good. I really like the potatoes but could have stood for a larger serving of them. The baked beans were also good but nothing out of ordinary.
Finally the sauce came out and it was good also. I think it was a “supped up” Cattleman’s sauce (I had seen an empty container setting around!) I tried the sauce with my ribs and some of the daughters’ turkey pieces. I thought that the turkey was a little dry for my taste. There were only a few complaints:
1) The side’s portion could be a little larger. (Maybe I eat too much any other time?)
2) The “one refill” on the drinks could use a revision. I like several glasses of tea with my meal. (Again maybe I overdo it but I like the option.)
3) There lease will be up within the next month and they are going to move from an in-town location to a country location several miles from town. Might be hard to get people to go, but I hope it works out!
All in all I think that they are worth another visit when they get settled in there new location and I wish them the best! Mike.
Mike H
Southern IL

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