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Favorite Steakhouse?

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?

Post Sat May 15, 2004 1:00 pm
Big D well done
well done

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Well I frequent Morton's whenever I am in the U.S. and often visit Ruth's Chris while in Toronto and a few of their locations in the U.S. and overseas. Both are outstanding steakhouses and I love to stop in. I once went to an amazing Steak House in Monte Carlo but its probably after Morton's and Ruth's on my list.

My absoulute favorite would have to be Que de Cheval in Montreal. It had a classical elegant atmosphere with a mondern-contrempary twist. My favortie view is when you enter, a large-open kitchen lets you see the master chefs hard at work while to your left is the butcher area and meatlockers where the USDA prime steaks dry-age.. This really gets your mouth watering.

Their is a good selection of appetizers from caviar to shrimp.. and their steakcuts are amazing! As good as all their steaks are, especially the house specail prime rib, I am in love with the monumental porterhouse. Everytime as they bring the steak out before they cook it I am very impressed with the sheer thinkness of the cut and how well marbled it is. I recommend a side of onions and their mash-potatoes (to die for). I normally enjoy a cocktail with my dinner and make it the surf and turf with the biggest Tiger Shrimp you have ever seen, a generous cut of fish and an outstanding lobster.

And if you think that nothing could top a great steak wait till the bring out the dessert a la carte..... While their are many delicous choices I must stress that you get the house special cheesecake. A plain cheesecake drizzled in freshly melted choclate - I have never felt closer to heaven, This is perhaps the creamiest and most delicous cheescake I have ever sunk my teeth into.

Of course I enjoy a few ports after dinner along side a nice cigar. They have an outstanding cigar selction, in addition to their huge wine cellar. The best thing about their cigars those is the Cubans... I'm sorry but nothing hurts more than after enjoying a great meal ,in many steakhouses south of the border , settling for a Dominican Republic cigar.

Of course the service is impeciable. There was always atleast 3, often more, waiters standingalongisde the table. And not in an awkward way either, they are very friendly and are easy to carry on a conversation with... and nothing is better than having the manager cut and light the cigar for you.

While none of these places are cheap I love a good steak and spare no expense. I also greatly enjoy the elegance of the restaurants. I would count BBQ second to none but when I go to a steakhouse, personally, I want an very elegant atmosphere. Besides nothin impresses the lady folk like takin em to a classy joint.

Post Sun May 16, 2004 2:02 pm

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The original Charleys Steakhouse on the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, FL is quite good.

Post Tue May 18, 2004 2:36 pm
UncleLar raw

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Ok, now a word from Chicago. One of the best around here is "Sullivan's" in Naperville, IL. I know, it's a chain but they do serve a great Steak. The sides are equally great. Try the Escargot, and save some bread to dip in the garlic butter. The onion rings are also great. Another one is 100 South in Elmhurst, IL. Small, reasonably priced and very very good steaks. There's nothing like the old supper clubs, heh?

Sullivan's Steak House
244 S Main St
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 305-0230

100 South Chop House & Grill
100 South York Rd
Elmhurst, IL 60126


Post Thu May 20, 2004 2:26 pm
BeerBQ raw

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whats up everyone im new to the board...............while on the topic of steakhouses what do you think of the more commercial steakhouses, like outback and boulder creek.

Post Sat May 22, 2004 3:13 pm

We've got one here in Birmingham, AL that is pretty new to us and is incredible.

Flemming's Steakhouse.

In case you haven't heard of these, they are a chain. And usually I'm not very fond of chains. But this place is very nice. It reminds you of more of an upscale Ruths Chris. I know RC is pretty upscale, but Flemming's even tops that.

If you've ever heard of P.F.Changs, Flemming's is the F in P.F.Changs. So they know presentation. They're wait staff is very knowledgeable of what they are selling, and the food is absolutely delicious.

Is it expensive?? Yes it is...But something this fine is worth paying for

Jay in B'ham

Post Thu May 27, 2004 8:29 am
502mids well done
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I went to Peter Lugers' over 20 years ago and have to agree, it was great. Ruth's Chris Steak house, in the DC area, is supposed to be as good.

Post Fri Jul 30, 2004 3:54 am

The best steak house I have been to is Delmonico Steakhouse in the Venetion Hotel in Las Vegas. It is very pricey, and very worth it.

Post Sat Jul 31, 2004 12:13 am
cmacooks raw

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In Dallas, we have a lot of great steak houses. That's like asking someone which of their children they like best. We like three of them: Chamberlain's Steak House ( not a chain), MIgnon (again, not a chain) and III Forks (ditto). They say (whomever "they" are) that Bob's Steak and Chop House is in the top ten in the country. I haven't been there, so I can't comment. Y'all just gotta come on down here and test 'em all!

Carolyn in Texas
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Post Mon Aug 02, 2004 8:54 pm
Esquire59 medium-rare

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If y'all haven't been to St. Elmo's in downtown Indy, you're missing out. The best shrimp cocktail sauce in the U.S. (Steve has a recipe for it in BBQ USA). Incredible steaks! The best service I've ever had at any restaurant in the U.S. Consistently ranked in the top ten (most often top five) steakhouses in the U.S. Go in after any Indy Colts' game and you'll find most of the offensive players eatin' dinner, including NFL MVP, Peyton Manning.
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Post Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:59 am

Am quite surprised, no one has mentioned my alltime favs: N Y Prime in Boca Raton FL...and Captitol Grille In the Boston area (have 2 that I know of)

Post Sat Dec 18, 2004 12:19 pm
Ironwulf well done
well done

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I might as well put in a vote for Texas Roadhouse. Granted, it's a chain, but it's a very good chain (unlike Rudy's). The steaks are well-seasoned and delicious. I have yet to taste their ribs, but I assume their great as well. Texas Roadhouse is an establishment Texans like me can be proud of.

Now, as far as places outside of Texas, Charlie's near Orlando, Florida is fabulous! That's where I first developed a taste for steak. The service is excellent as well. Before you order, they bring you a platter of steaks showing you what each cut looks like.

Post Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:34 pm
Ironwulf well done
well done

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Ironwulf wrote:
I might as well put in a vote for Texas Roadhouse. Granted, it's a chain, but it's a very good chain (unlike Rudy's). The steaks are well-seasoned and delicious. I have yet to taste their ribs, but I assume their great as well. Texas Roadhouse is an establishment Texans like me can be proud of.

On second thought, maybe I should retract my compliments about the steaks at Texas Roadhouse. I just went back there about a week ago, and the steak I had was not the greatness I remembered. In fact, I recall what seemed like some kind of chemical taste in my ribeye. The ribs, however, were fantastic!

Post Fri Jan 28, 2005 8:03 am
Phantom medium

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Well folks, there are a lot of places I haven' been to yet, but so far I have to go with the Hitching Post in Casmalia, Calif. It is just outside of Santa Maria, in the Central Coast area. Fantastic steak cooked over red oak. Fresh meat from the local Angus. Check out their link:

Post Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:04 pm
MReynolds well done
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Just noticed that I've never posted to this thread while perusing the board.

I'll concur with Ruth's Chris Steakhouse as far as tasty steaks. Of course, there are none in St. Louis, so I have to travel to KC or Dallas. I haven't been to the one in Chicago yet. Those steaks are just melt in your mouth. And, they have some of the biggest lobsters I've laid eyes on.

I also like Smith & Wolensky's, and there's a nice place around the corner called The Broiler. They have dry aged beef and let you pick your own cut. Tasty.
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Post Fri Jan 28, 2005 10:54 pm
Grillslinger BBQ Deputy
BBQ Deputy

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I love Texas Land & Cattle. Hey Bob BQN, Where are you from?


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