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No..I don't think you've actually HAD Bar-B-Q...

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?

That's what I told my fiancee as he ohh'd and ahh'd about a bland shredded pork sandwich covered in Store brand Barbeque sauce. The name of the establishment we were eating at I will not disclose for fear of a lawsuit. "You have no idea what Barbeque actually is.." I told him. A week later, I took him a state over to my hometown of Madison, Alabama and stopped in at Thomas Pit BarbeQue. To me the taste was nothing new - I grew up on it. Anything less than what I remembered as a child would only illicit evil remarks to the ownership. But as always they delivered as promised. Pulled pork, seasoned with a little salt and pepper with an apple cider vinegar base (so I assume), topped with a sweet slaw minus the mayo sandwiched between good old fashioned store variety burger buns. Comes with your choice of "white" or "red" sauce. Simply heaven on earth. On most days, a line of cars waiting to get into the place blocks up traffic pretty good. They serve other bits of Que - ribs and whatnot - but the pulled pork and chicken are my favorites. They are now my fiancee's favorites too. To this day he brags about knowing where to get the best BBQ in the country...just goes to show it's hard to make it with out a woman...

Thomas Pit Barbecue
7929 Hwy. 72 W
Madison, AL 35756

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