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What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 12:56 pm

Well folks I am sure that you all have experienced the best Barbeque or so you think...but let me tell you where the truly best barbeque can be found...other than Steve's!

Head down Interstate 64 east towards Newport News, VA exit 123

On a hot summer day with no food in sight...
I saw a few signs and thought I just might!
The first sign was simple,
the second coming on strong,
the third was the winner,
Heck 4 signs can't be wrong.
I dropped in about quarter pass two,
the name of this place is "Pierces' Barbeque."
Now there's not much to be said of the style of this place
but with the pit house smokin' I had to have a taste.
I found simply the best barbeque in town
Trust me my friends...this spot really gets down! :wink:


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