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Dreamland Cafe - "Ain't nothing like 'em nowhere"

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
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There's another post in this forum for Dreamland in Roswell, GA but I felt it was necessary to tell people about the original.

When I was in college we would go to Dreamland for ribs whenever funds allowed it. There was always a line out the front door and quite frequently the meat would run out before the customers did. The place looked like a dive (clean, but not pretty). There's a sign over the door that says "No Farting" and license plates on every wall. The ribs are cooked in plain view over a real Hickory fire pit and mopped constantly. When I was in college, the only items on the menu were soft drinks, beer, ribs, and white bread, and that was more than enough for everyone. I've even heard that the ribs were liked by the ESPN sports announcers so much that they would adjust their travel plans so that they could get ribs on the way to and from games.

Today the chain of Dreamland stores are run by the kids of the original owners (John and Lilly).

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