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What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Post Wed Sep 17, 2003 3:50 pm

North Main BBQ, 406 N. Main St., Euless TX 76039-3639 (817) 267-9101 As a native Texan I have had countless opportunities to scarf down various styles of BBQ. My careers have taken me from coast to coast. While in the freight business in Nevada I attended a Rib Cookoff in Sparks, NV. That is where I was first introduced to N. Main's gifts from heaven. In fact they won that cookoff, 1988 I think, as well as the next year. They have this mobile smoker about the size of a VW Beetle that is fashioned as a giant Armadillo - right down to two large brass uhm... cohones. When I moved back to TX I immediately headed for the "shrine of shred". Their "joint" is like most others: Formica tables, hunting trophies, pictures of Little League teams, rolls of paper towels, etc. The comparison ends there. They are only open Friday and Saturdays starting at noon for - get this - ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ for $10.00! Pork, beef, chicken, turkey and depending on the season quail, venison, duck get the picture. Nirvana. The line begins around 11:00 and wraps around the building. Often the sides are fair at alot of places but again these folks attend to the details. Vats of slaw, homemade potato salad, ham-infused slow cooked pinto beans, big fat slices of onions and jalapenos. Yeehaa. Everything is fresh, loaves of white bread still in the wrapper, heavy-duty iced tea cups with their logo and plenty of regulars of all walks of life in a feeding frenzy. I now live in Colorado (where I regrettably have not found good BBQ yet) but everytime I fly into D/FW Airport N. Main is my first stop - provided it's Friday or Saturday. Otherwise I strive to arrange my travel itenerary so that I will be in town so that I can "dine at the shrine". It's that good. Love your show and books.

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