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Oklahoma Joe's - No Smoking Outside

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Post Sat Sep 13, 2003 2:33 pm
ksspyder raw

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Riding a late night flight back from Indianapolis to Kansas City, I struck a conversation with the fellow in the next seat. From Long Island, New York, he was an investment banker doing some work in our town. For some reason he thought I might know some good Kansas City Barbeque. Weighing in well over 250 pounds, I was a pretty good bet.
He had heard of Arthur Bryant's, the well known pit that is a tradition in Kansas City, Missouri. I offered him what I considered the best barbeque place I knew,
"Oklahoma Joe's" is THE place to go.
Over the drone of the engine, I heard another guy in the seat behind us voice his approval.
In a Long Island accent, the fellow asked "Where would I find 'dis place?"
I laughed a little and the guy behind me smiled knowlingly.
"Don't smoke outside near the pumps," I said. Oklahoma Joes is located between a liquor store (now open on Sunday due to recent roll backs of Kansas' prohibition era laws) and a gas station. It's actually in the gas station. At lunch, the carnivores line up all the way out the door. Best pulled pork and smoked beef I've had. Not open on Sundays, (a family owned place), find it at the corner of Mission Road (the old Shawnee Indian Mission is down the road a bit) and 47th Street (sometimes called County Line.) Try the fries too, although you'll need to share 'em.
Smoky Joe's Barbeque
Mission Road and 47th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66103 (in the Total gas station)
(913) 722 3366

Bob Polys
Edwardsville, KS

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