Board index Barbecue Board Best BBQ Joint well, I know a few places, but my favorite closed its doors.

well, I know a few places, but my favorite closed its doors.

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?

Im now on a hunt, the best bbq in sonoma county. It used to be an exquisite place, for lack of a better mouth watering, tantalizing, saliva creating word. It was called :P RASTA DWIGHTS. They had the most amazing beef, pork and jerked chicken I had ever tasted. They even had different levels of 'sauce' for the strong tounged to the more flavor searching tounges like myself. :D Mild to where's Preperation H? :? as well as a full table of "extra" hot sauces if that wasn't enough (some people just can't admit when they are wrong). Don't tempt me with 'I can eat anything hot, nothing is too hot for me'. Cause dinner is on me then. :lol:I have seen people eat hot stuff, but I thought a few friends that I brought there were actually going to pass out. :shock: Sweating enought to have jogged a few miles in the mid day sun. :shock: I felt bad for a second or so, but hey... I didn't pour it down their throats or nothing :twisted: (maybe I taunted them a bit...) :mrgreen: The only places that can even be concidered I would say are "Pack Jacks, and Robs Ribshack." as of now. But I will be on the hunt now over the next week and will report my findings... Wish me luck... oh the torture of trying to find decent bbq!! ** So, Steve, where did you say you were going to be next? 8) ** or is that cheating?? :oops:

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