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Best BBQ Joint has to be Longhorn BBQ in WA

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?

I would like to nominate Longhorn BBQ of Washington State as being the best place to eat BBQ. They have a great pits and pit bosses! The food is always seculant, and leaves your mouth watering for more, I grew up in Texas, where BBQ is a way of life, and have seen various joints in TX. I would recommend this place to anyone that does not want to eat seafood while in WA state. They have two locations, one in Spokane, WA and one in Auburn, WA.
I have been to both and enjoy the country style setting they provide, as well as having delivered ice to these places, and on occassion, delivered ice to onsite catering locations when they have requested, their staff is always freindly and will work to make you a happily satisfied customer. When they finally got in the the Puyallup Fair, which is the biggest fair in WA State, I would always go to their spot to eat everyday. Plus, they beat the long running competition(in sales and tasting) that has been in the fair for decades now, in the first year.
Their address is 635 C St. SW Auburn, WA 98001
Their website:

My name is Lee Ashby
My email address is:
Their phonee number: 253-804-9600
Their fax number: 253-804-5493
Their email address:

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I recently visited Seattle and Longhorn has a new location on 1st ave? in Pioneer square!
Good pulled pork.
I couldnt tell how they cooked it though the place was small. Perhaps they bring it in from their other locations?
There are two different types of RIBs. Both are good.
One kind you eat, the other you steer through the waves.

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