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What makes Dinosaur the best was the treatment we got

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
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My nephew recently got married. The nuptials were in Rochester, NY, and we were delighted that the rehearsal dinner was catered by Dinosaur Barbeque. They're a relatively small outfit, begun in Syracuse. They have a joint in Rochester, and just recently opened one in NYC.

We were served generous portions of pulled pork, grilled chicken, corn bread and out-of-this-world Cajun corn. Five bottles of different Dinosaur sauces were available for extra seasoning. The food was superb, but the best part was having my wife tell the caterers she'd heard a lot of good things about Dinosaur from her brother, who works right near their Rochester establishment. She had been eager to try them, and was happy for the chance, and to tell them how their reputation preceded them.

Well, as the fellows were packing up their gear, one of them came to our table and gave my wife two bottles of sauce, telling her, "Here. I had a couple extras in the truck." Ka-Ching! Then my brother, the Father of the Groom, came by and gave us the leftover bottles that had been on the buffet table, since they'd been opened and couldn't be reused by the restaurant. He figured I'd be the one to make the best use of them. He's a smart man.

They have a website, but I'm not sure if it's kosher to post it here. I'm sure you could search and find them. It would be worth it, because you can buy their merchandise, and it's good stuff. The honey-garlic sauce should not be missed.
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Living in California, can't say I've been to the actual restaurant, but we *do* own the cookbook they've published. I've had a lot of fun making a number of the recipes - boy are they fantastic.

A good portion of the recipes use what they refer to as "Mutha' Sauce." It's their basic BBQ sauce (included as a recipe in the book). Because I didn't feel like explaining the name to our young kids, I took to calling the sauce "Mommy Sauce." But, it was pointed out by my wife that that sounded like something that's produced for nursing babies... :?

Anyway, anybody else enjoyed that cookbook? Are those the *actual* recipes used in the restaurant?


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