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Ponca City, OK (birthplace of Head Country and CookShack)

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?

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There are two places of distinction in Ponca City Oklahoma, both worth the fifteen minute detour off of I35. In fact, if you're ever near Tulsa, OKC or Wichita and are a BBQ fanatic, both of these places are worth the 90 minute drive.[map]

The first is Head Country. arguably much more famous for its sauce business than its showcase restaurant. Head Country BBQ has a limited distribution for now, (West Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma), but is the #1 selling BBQ sauce in its home state. You'll want to take a case home with you. Order some on line if you like kansas style, ketchup based sauces, with a hint of smoke a splash of vinegar tang, and a whallop of spice. The recipe is a closely gaurded family secret ... I used to work at the plant, and the head chef makes all employees leave the cook room while the secret spice mixture is brought out and mixed in.[map]

The second Ponca hot spot is Chick and Millie's, a truly down-home rustic joint where the salad dressing is more bountiful than salad and nary a table is properly balanced. The ribs here are outstanding and the thick, smokey-dark kansas style sauce here explodes with flavor. Best only when served hot. [map]

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A big AMEN on The "Blue Moon" Chick N Millies in Ponca City. I grew up in Blackwell and ate at the Blue Moon a lot. They had the best pork ribs I ever ate. Been over 20 years since I've eaten there, hope they are still as good because when I go back I will have to go there again.


PS: BOB-BQN, this forum looks almost exactly like the other one that we frequent. Glad to see you on here.

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Never been to their restaurant but their sauce can't be beat. Good stuff,

Nother head country fan

I hope to get to the head country resteraunt before the end of June, since I will be in Tulsa, sounds great! Still you can't talk Okie smoked meat and sauce without stopping at Jakes Ribs in Chickasha, Oklahoma. You can get the same meal at the Bricktown brewerie in OKC.

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I live in Edmond OK, just north of OKC, and if I go out for BBQ, I go to Steve's Rib. There is a new place in Edmond he opened, beautiful place, and one in OKC. Better than anything the Brewery has
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