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Railhead BBQ, Fort Worth, TX

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Post Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:37 am

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I can't imagine this hasn't been reviewed, but after a trip to TX to visit some family I remember how much I miss TX Q. Anyway, in the same format as my Auburn Q review thread, here's a review for Railhead:

Name: Railhead BBQ

Sauce: This is pretty much the yardstick to which I compare sauces. It is, in my mind, the way sauce should be. Some tomato base to it, but not thick and sweet like a KC sauce. A little spicier, smokier, and thinner - perfect for brisket.

The Meat: Cooked low and slow. The brisket done to perfection. They sliced it thicker than I slice mine - and I could still cut it with a fork. Juicy and great smokiness. I am one who never use the words "too much" and "smoke" together, but if you are, you might find it a bit smokey. I surely don't. The sausage was great - spicy and juicy without being too greasy.

Price: I think it was around 8-12 buck per plate but unlike the places here in Alabama, they give you so much you struggle to finish it. Not bad.

What I orderd:: Brisket of course - I was in Texas, the only place I could order brisket and have it better than my own. The sides were beans and coleslaw and bread.

My Advice: Get the brisket. Or maybe the two meat combo, as long as one of them is brisket. The sauce is great, but you sure don't need a lot with as good as this brisket is.

Other Info: All platters come with beans (ranch style - love em), coleslaw, and bread. You can grab as many hot peppers as you want. They serve beer too, a trait sorely lacking in Auburn Q joints.
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Post Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:56 pm
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Sounds like a good place! I happen to like my barbecue with a noticeably smoky taste and so many restaurants are a little on the light side for me.


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