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Hands down the Best BBQ in country is in KS.

What's your favorite place (aside from your backyard) to eat BBQ?
Tony Fatso

Just north of Wichita in the town of Ketchi (Key-Ch-eye) is this small house built in the 1890's witha sign that says "Geno's BBQ"... Geno is the old man inside and does all the cooking out back on a black barrell grill with a dropped fire box. He is more than willing to sit and talk to anyone that wants too. Simply the best Brisket ever...perios. Thick tender chunks, making my mouth water just thinking about it. Fall off the bone ribs, with meat so tender you dont even need your teeth, and thats good for Geno, because he doesn't have too many left. So next time your in Wichita, take Oliver Street all the way up to the town of Ketchi and leave your arguments about how great Texas is or how awesome KC is and enjoy the best BBQ of your life... The sauce is good too, but you will never need it. Tell Geno Tony Fatso from Tampa, FL sent ya, not that it will do you any good.

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